Protect yourself with an extra layer of liability insurance.

A day in court can cost you a life time’s work . . .

What is Umbrella Insurance?

“Lawsuit” is a scary word to most of us.  That’s why we purchase personal insurance to protect ourselves and our families.  However, many people assume their auto or home insurance will provide all the liability insurance they need.  That’s not necessarily true!

Personal umbrella liability insurance provides you with an extra layer of personal liability insurance – in addition to your current home and auto insurance.  And that can be important coverage if someone is injured in a vehicle accident or in your home.

Jury awards in personal liability lawsuits are unpredictable and often very expensive.    With the strike of a judge’s gavel, all of our assets that we’ve worked so hard to obtain can be taken away – leaving our families exposed to financial ruin.

But you can protect your assets with a personal umbrella policy!

With personal liability insurance, you obtain a good source of protection for you and your family.


Choose from $1, $2, $3, and $5 million in liability limits.


We offer competitive premiums for all coverage limits.