What is the difference between a customer asking to be named as a certificate holder as opposed to an Additional Insured on my Commercial Insurance Policy?

When a client asks for a certificate of insurance, they are basically asking for proof that you have insurance just as an officer asks for your auto identification card when you get pullover over for speeding. However, when they ask to be named as an additional insured, they are asking to enjoy all the coverages that you enjoy under your policy. So, at time of claim if they are named as an additional insured your policy covers them as well prior to having their own coverage respond, if applicable.

I no longer live at home but I’m still on my parents’ insurance do I have coverage?

Only under limited circumstances. If you are a full-time student and your previous residence was your parents then yes, you have coverage until graduation. However, in most all other situations the answer is no. If you are not residing in the same residence, you may have collision coverage if your vehicle is listed on your parents’ policy but there is no liability for any damages caused by you in an at-fault accident. Play it safe and make sure you have your own policy.

Do I have coverage for my ATV if not listed on my auto policy?

If your ATV is titled for road use the answer is absolutely not. All of our companies have an exclusion that any vehicle that is titled for road use is specifically excluded. If your ATV is not licensed for road use is there coverage? The answer is maybe. If your ATV is solely used to service your property and does not leave the premises then probably yes, but the safer option is to have the ATV added to your auto policy or an ATV policy.